Say Yes To Plastics

By searching blogs of PLASTICS one can find hundreds post related to subject.
Of those more than 90% content is blaming plastic as one of the biggest pollutant. Which may be true in some cases but we need to step back and think about it once.


Just ask yourself a question “from waking up in the morning till sleeping at night, can I live without plastics for a single day?”

I assume you got answer NO. Those who say “YES” are people living in the jungle and may have not access to any technology of outer world.

So, if one can’t live without plastics than why so much hatered towards it? Is it because some article says “plastics are filling our oceans” or “plastics are burden to landfills” or “plastics are non-degradable” or likewise

Think about it. The technological advancements we experience, much of the credit goes to plastics only

  • What about IT industry without plastics.
  • Is it possible for medical industry grow without plastics?
  • Furniture industry adopted plastics. Thus less tree chopped of. Would you love to cut more trees just to make beautiful desk you have at thhe office?
  • N what instrumentation industry would do if not having plastics available?
  • Can you imagine your automobile made 100% with metals? If so, think about how much fuel would it take?
  • If I decide to add more words I can come up with another 200 points

The point is, it is impossible to imagine life without plastics and the question is why people hate plastics so much?

Is it because it’s non recyclable?

Is it because it’s filling our oceans?

Is it because animals are dying after consuming plastics?

Or is it because everyone hates plastics so let me too.

I am not denying any environmental problems occurring because of plastics, all I want to say it, Only HUMANS use plastics and whatever problems we are facing are only because of HUMANS. Not because of plastics.


All issus are there because of plastics are actually because of LITTERING
All I want to say is this. Don’t blame plastics, blame human habits when it comes to plastics. If you still think that plastic is horror material ever found on the planet than try this out. Imply blanket-ban of plastics in your personal life.

If you become successful than imply it on family than on society country and world.

I bet you can’t imply it on your own life.
Please note, blanket-ban of plastics means you can’t use a single thing made of plastics , directly or indirectly. That includes

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste contained in plastics
  • Haircomb made of plastics
  • Pen made of plastics
  • Not to mention mobiles, tablets, computers, TVs, cars, bikes, buses, trains, aeroplanes
  • Plastic furniture
  • Packaging
  • Plastic files / folders
  • And on….. and on….. and on……

If you become successful in it please mail me on (or don’t mail me. Because you can’t mail without indirect use of plastics.)

So next time before making any negative statement related to plastics, don’t forget that 21st century is century of plastics

And if you are so much concerned than get some actual knowledge about plastics and support 3 Rs REDUCE REUSE and RECYCLE

In the next one we’ll see how plastic changed out life just in spam of 67 years.

Please feel free to drop comments

8 thoughts on “Say Yes To Plastics

  1. Interesting blog, the plastic I was writing about is the plastic bags used for bringing your groceries home from the super market, they are not recyclable they are only landfill.
    In answer to your question, I will be still using other plastics that are recyclable, which are picked up every fortnight in a closed plastic container from my front gate.
    I will put this comment plus your link on my blog

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    1. Thanks for going through the blog. I my self is against non degradable/non recyclable plastic products. But people are judging whole plastic sector just with the reference of negetivities. Its time we flip the coin n see the other side. Again thanks for your time on my blog 🙂

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