Survey : Results

Being actively involved in Plastic Recycling Industry as well as plastic machinery industry we, at BK PlastiX once decided to know CURRENT SITUATION or, we can say CURRENT STAND of people who are directly linked with plastic recycling industry. Thus we tried to conduct a survey with few questions such as,

  1. Which type of material do you recycle?
  2. Does your machine have die face cutter?
  3. Your opinions about die face cutter
  4. Does your machines have forced feeder?
  5. Your opinions about forced feeder
  6. How do you see potential of plastic recycling industry in India.
  7. How GST affected plastic recycling industry of country.
  8. According to you which is best company in India for plastic recycling machines
  9. Why Indian plastic industry is still depended on outdated technology. Why recycling industry is not upgrading technically.

We have ran survey from 2nd November to 27th November and for which we have got 172 responses for which I would like to thank members of whatsapp groups as POT / Plastic Spare Parts / RP GROUP / Virgin RP Granules / ALL INDIA POLYMERS GROUP / Plastic Professionals / World Of Polymers / Scrap Deal  for participating and expressing facts and opinions.

Even though we have got these much responses I do not think one can estimate complete scenario of current times from these results but at least we can say this somewhat describes status/situation of (Recycling)Industry.

So in response we got to know that out of these 172

50% in Commodity material  /  6 % In Engineering Material /  44% BOTH


16% have machine with Die Face Cutter / 84% Does not have.

On asking opinion on Die Face Cutter technology, it is so unfortunate and upsetting as only 98 recyclers mentioned any answer and out out of those 98, 7 responses claimed to have no knowledge.

Die Face Cutter

That somewhat means that out of 172, 64 does not have clearly aware about DIE FACE CUTTER TECHNOLOGY, but positive thing is that 43 recyclers (25%) are very much optimistic about it and planning to equip one with their existing machine or want to go for new machine with this technology.


23% have machine with forced feeder / 77% Does not have

From 172 recyclers, 40 posses recycling machine equipped with extruder, and from remaining, 26 responses were as It is not required because they are working with high density waste such as Injection molded articles waste / blown article waste / sheet waste / pipe waste etc. In these cases, normal gravity feeding is fulfilling their purpose satisfactorily and do not require to upgrade in that terms. From total of 87 responses, around 50% (43) appreciated the technology, 18 recyclers mentioned as they are not well familiar with the concept and technology and the questioned remained untended  85 times.

Forced Feeder

About the potential of Plastic Industry in India, We at BK are very pleased that we got total 124 responses, of which 93 mentioned as industry have very bright potential and huge scope of opportunities as growth where 9 recyclers are completely uncertain and 22 are in doubt because of policies of Indian Government. Though it is practically imposiblle to mention all the comments but 2 comments which got attention were

Potential of Industry


“Future of Plastic Industry in India in doubt, due to ignoring nature of government”

“It is going to be extremely superb, Packaging is increasing day by day and innovations are always coming up”.


About question No 7 and question No 9, which are respectively about Effect of GST in Plastic Industry and reason for not upgrading plastic industry in terms of technology, I would request and insist to all the readers to shout out your opinions in the comment section below, because these topics are matter of detailed discussion but what we got from our survey is that the highest responded question was about GST with total of whooping 148 responses. of which 115 claiming it bad for the industry, 11 don’t have much idea about it while 22 responses claimed GST is positive reform happened and will bring sophistication to the industry. Few eye-catcher comments were…………

Effects of GST

“Recycled Plastics are being costly due to GST, Rates should be lowered down for recycled plastics & goods made from it”

“GST Will hugely affect unorganized units, Not organized players”

“It made industry standstill”

Disappointing is that we got only 31 responses out of 172 about why industry is not upgrading technically, that is why i am leaving it to the readers and share your point of view on the subject. Few of comments were as

“Unviable nature because of non-availability of scrap in volumes. Competitive nature of market which kills sourcing volumes. Corrupt nature of dealers of scrap even at Industrial scrap source which also makes it unviable. Unethical practices used in the industry for orders and payment…. etc., are some of the reasons.”

“Because of the market demands, its highly waving “

“Due to financial problem small industry is not able to invest largely on new technology .Further local machines are available cheap.Further local cheap labour is easily available so people are not upgrading technology.”

“Lack of trained operator, availabilty of spare parts, technician for repairs not trained enough.

About the best recycling machine manufacturing company in India I must say all the machine manufacturers have huge competition in the market. We got total 85 responses with name of total 28 different companies.

Please leave comments and mention your stand about all the questions mentioned.

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